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libgdf is an alternative C++ implementation of GDF - "a general dataformat for biosignals" version V2.20.

Download pre-compiled binaries for the libgdf library here.

libgdf is furthermore maintained by the NeuroDebian Team team, providing debian packages and therefore included in Debian based repositories as Debian itself or Ubuntu.


The libgdf library is written in C++, using git as version management tool.
The Code is available here.
To get r/w access to the libgdf repository, please get in touch with: Martin Billinger -- martin.billinger(at)tugraz(dot)at

Building the libgdf library

The libgdf library is using cmake, a cross platform and open-source build system.

Linux & Co. Windows
More to be added here... More to be added here...

Special thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko and the NeuroDebian Team for integrating libgdf into the NeuroDebian project.


libgdf is licenced under the LGPL version 3.0.