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About tools4BCI

The tools4BCI project provides useful tools for brain-computer interface (BCI) researchers all over the world. BCIs more and more become a promenent topic in research and media. It is known, that the BCI research field is a multidisciplinary one, involving e.g., psychology, medicine and biomedical engeneering. Unfortunately, due to such a multidisciplinarity, exchangeable tools and methods are rare.
Thus, tools4BCI is corporating with to establish some common ground for standardization processes. tool4BCI mainly relies on the work from Mason and Birch (2003) - "A general framework for brain-computer interaction design" . In this work, the BCI is divided into distinct modules, connected with individual interfaces.
tools4BCI can be seen as a starting point to provide implementations for those interfaces and establish some common ground for the standardization of BCI processes.
The defined and implemented interfaces focus mainly on brain-computer interface systems, but might be useful for various other research fields, e.g., neuroscience in general or other biosignal processing fields.

tools4BCI is mainly developed by the Institute for Knowledge Discovery, Graz University of Technology and the Chair in Non-invasive Brain-machine Interface at EPFL and was created within the European FP7 Project TOBI (Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction).